Small Groups

Our small groups and discipleship groups are the basic building blocks of the church's life. Small groups are made up of 8 to 10 people who meet weekly in one another's homes. Building close relationships with a small group of people makes it much easier to feel that we belong. It also provides the context in which we can be cared for and supported, grow in discipleship as we help one another to live faithful lives, and to grow in confidence in using the gifts God has given us. Small groups seek to be outward-looking and welcoming to newcomers.

Discipleship groups consist of two or three (no more) members of the same sex. They meet weekly whenever possible but at a time to suit the members of the group - which may change each week depending on shift work or family commitments. The meeting is only for an hour and is intended to focus on Bible reading (which members do during the week) and prayer for one another and others.

If you wish to be part of a small group Please contact Charlie Laver on