Family Forum

Coordinator(s): Jean Frankish and Eileen Wilson

Are you a parent or carer looking for something to keep your preschool child occupied? Then come along to family forum! It is a great place to relax with a cup of tea and a slice of toast and meet other parents and carers. Your little one will have plenty of space and toys to play with as well as lots of other children to meet and enjoy singing times together. There is also a baby corner. 

The atmosphere is lively and welcoming. We meet on Monday mornings during term time from 9.15am till 11.15am.

Contact us for more information.

This Week

  • Sunday 17th March

    9.15am and 11.15am Morning Worship

    JESUS IS:  The Vine     John 15 1-27

  • Monday 18th March

    9.00am Prayer in St Matthews

    9.15am Family Forum 

    7.30pm Prayer Evening

  • Tuesday 19th March

    9.00pm  Prayer in St Matthews

  • Wednesday 20th March

    9.00am Prayer in St Matthews

    10.00am Bridge Coffee

    10.30am Holy Communion

    6.30pm Alive Youth Group

  • Thursday 21st March

    9.00am Prayer in St Matthews

    7.15pm Youth Encounter

    7.30pm Worship Group

  • Friday 22nd March

    9.00am Prayer in St Matthews

    10.30am Bible Study

  • Saturday 23rd March

    7.30pm Choir Concert

  • Sunday 24th March

    9.15am and 11.15am Communion and childrens groups

    JESUS IS: The Alpha and Omega

    Rev 22: 12-16