Engage - Youth Group

Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm, ages 11-16.

Engage is mainly a place to hang out and have fun. We do have a little talk or discussion at the end from time to time, but a lot of it is just about getting to know each other and sharing life together. Xbox Fifa tournaments, Wii Sports, table football, pool etc are all on hand, but there are also just to sit and chat and more traditional card/board games. We also break out the football/dodge-ball games sometimes, and every so often we do something totally different e.g. a film night, bowling trip etc, or a ‘Engage in the Park’ in summertime.

This Week

  • Monday 7th August

    During August our groups and leaders take a break, including the Bridge coffee shop.

    To see what groups we have and when they start after the summer please download the 30th July news sheet.

  • Sunday 20th August

    9.15am and 11.15am Morning Praise

    ‘David's Kindness’    

    2 Samuel 9:1-13

  • Sunday 27th August

    9.15am and 11.15am Morning Praise

    ‘God's Promise to David’    

    2 Samuel 7:1-17