Leaving Party for Tom & Judy

We are holding a party in church on Saturday 20th January

as a time to meet socially and share food together to say goodbye to Tom and Judy.

 The event will be running from 4pm until 8pm (we need to finish no later as church will need to be cleaned and reset).

The presentation of the rest of the presents will take place at 6pm.

 Please bring your own drinks (a limited amount of soft drink will be available) Food will be served from 4.30  (meat and potato pie and cheese and onion pie for veggies)

Please bring home made cakes to share in containers you do not require to be returned or in foil.


Other Events


Breathe Service

18th Mar 2018, 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Interns Fundraising event

13th Apr 2018, 7:00pm - 8:00pm


Learning to hear God and Pray for others

14th Apr 2018, 9:00am - 4:00pm

This Week

  • Sunday 18th March

    9.15am and 11.15am Communion

    and Children's groups

    'By Practising Sabbath'

    6.30pm Breathe Service

    in St Matthews Hall

  • Monday 19th March

    9.15am Family Forum

    12noon Set up for Schools Week

  • Tuesday 20th March

    Schools week in St Matthews

  • Wednesday 21st March

    Schools week in St Matthews

    9.00am Prayer meeting in church

    10.00am Bridge Coffee shop

    6.30pm Alive youth club

  • Thursday 22nd March

    Schools week in St Matthews

    7.15pm Youth Encounter

    7.30pm Worship Group

  • Friday 23rd March

    9.00am 24hours of Prayer in St Matthews

    10.30am Bible Study

  • Saturday 24th March

    24hours of Prayer finishes at 9.00am

    9.30am Stalybridge clear up morning

  • Sunday 25th March

    Palm Sunday

    9.15am and 11.15am Family Service

    'A different kind of King'

    Mark 11: 1-10