Baptism and Confirmation Service

Bishop Libby, the Bishop of Stockport, will be joining us to lead a special joint service of Baptism, Confirmation and Affirmation of Faith for us on Sunday 17th February at 10.30am (both congregations coming together) If you have invited Jesus into your life in this last year or have renewed your faith in some way, this service is for you! 

For those who have never been baptised, this is your opportunity to publicly declare your faith.  For those who were baptised as children but have never publicly taken the promises made on their behalf for themselves, then the confirmation service is where this takes place. 

If you have already been baptised and confirmed but would like to publicly affirm your faith, then there is also the opportunity to do this in the same service.  Please speak to Gary for more information.

Other Events

This Week

  • Sunday 14th April

    9.15am and 11.15am Communion and childrens groups

    Palm Sunday 'The King is coming'

    Luke 19: 28-40

  • Monday 15th April

    7.30pm Prayer Evening

  • Tuesday 16th April

    7.30pm Compline Prayer

  • Wednesday 17th April

    9.00am Prayer meeting

    10.00am Bridge Coffee

    10.30am Holy Communion

    7.30pm Compline Prayer

  • Thursday 18th April

    7.30pm Maundy Thursday Service with bring and share meal

  • Friday 19th April

    10.30am Good Friday Family Worship

    2.00pm Reflections at The Cross

  • Sunday 21st April

    9.15am and 11.15am Easter Celebration with Communion

    The King Victorious

    Luke 19 vs 1-10