Back To Church Sunday

Research shows that many people would really like to come to church if only someone would invite them.
We have our opportunity to do just that for our Family Services on Sunday 24th September. Whether people have got out of the habit of coming to church regularly or have never been to church doesn’t really matter – just invite them to come!

Other Events

This Week

  • Sunday 18th February

    9.15am and 11.15am Communion

    and Children's groups

    'By Fasting'

    Matthew 6: 16-18

  • Tuesday 20th February

    1.30pm and 7.30pm CAP Course

  • Wednesday 21st February

    10.00am Bridge Coffee shop

  • Thursday 22nd February

    7.30pm Worship Group

  • Friday 23rd February

    10.30am Bible study

  • Sunday 25th February

    10.30am Baptism, Confirmation and Affirmation of Faith Service

    with Bishop Graham Dow