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It’s always risky stepping into somewhere new but here at Holy Trinity you can be assured of a warm, friendly and respectful welcome.

Please take a look at at the questions we get asked the most, but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Get Involved

We’ve got many things going on during the week that you can be a part of, just look at our ‘This Week’ section on the right, but we’ve also got many groups that you can join. Please have a look at our What We Do page to see what there is.

Meet the Team

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Revd. Tom Parker
Phone 0161 304 9308
Email: tom@holytrinity
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Luke Briggs
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Tracy Morgan
Youth and Children’s Worker
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Cris Trueman
Office Hours Mon, Wed, Fri 9am-3pm
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Paul Watkins
Church Warden
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Adele Trueman
Church Warden
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Alan Bolton
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Jamie Shepherd
PCC Secretary
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Lizanne Whitby-Monday
Buildings Manager
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Four Aspects Of Belonging To Holy Trinity Church

People join us at Holy Trinity for many different reasons and we are delighted to welcome anyone and everyone no matter where they find themselves on their own spiritual journey.

Many people come because they are searching for answers to life’s ultimate questions or because they would like to find out how they might have a relationship with God for themselves. The Alpha course is a great way to explore these questions and we would encourage anyone who is searching to do it. See ‘What we do’ for more information.

Other people are already established Christians when they join the church and we suggest that there are four aspects to belonging to Holy Trinity.

Worship on Sundays

Joining together every Sunday with the rest of the family of God is a top priority for us. We are resourced and equipped by celebration style worship, teaching and through our fellowship with one another. Not only do we miss out if we are absent from the ‘family gathering’, but we also deny others the encouragement of our presence.

Small Groups

Our small groups are the basic building blocks of the church’s life. These groups of 8 to 12 people meet weekly in members’ homes. Building close relationships with a small group of people makes it much easier to feel that we belong. It also provides the context in which we can grow in discipleship as we help one another to live faithful lives and to grow in confidence in using the gifts God has given us. Small groups seek to be outward-looking and always open to outsiders and newcomers.


Where and how we spend our money is one of the surest guides to what really matters to us. If we are serious about following Christ then we will want to give responsibly to supporting the work of His Kingdom. Out of gratitude for God’s generosity to us we will want to give generously to Him. This will mean different things for different people, though we do encourage those who have a regular income to follow the Biblical example of giving a tithe (ten per cent) to God’s work. The more money which is given to Holy Trinity, the more we are able to serve God in the local community and beyond.

Serving on a Team

Fundamental to our identity is the commitment to see everyone involved in service of one kind or another. As soon as people have been involved in the life of the church for a reasonable ‘settling in’ period, we are keen for them to find some area of Christian service either in the church or the community. We want people to recognise their God-given gifts and use them for the benefit of all. In addition there are many, often very practical, jobs which simply need to be done on Sundays and midweek. These provide opportunities for us all to serve one another.

If you would like to discuss any of these four principles or would simply like to explore how you might respond, please contact the church office and one of the staff team will get back to you.


Holy Trinity and Christ Church parish was formed in 1977 by the amalgamation of two parishes – Holy Trinity (which was formerly known as Castle Hall) and Christ Church. The Christ Church building no longer exists. The developing mill town of Stalybridge had no Christian centre and in 1847 a vicar was appointed to the newly formed parish of Castle Hall. Initially there was no church building and he was obliged to hold services and Sunday School classes in the home of Mrs Simpson in Back Grosvenor Street! It was 1851 before a foundation stone was laid and the church was opened on 27th June 1852. The church has changed little externally, but inside it has changed considerably. In 1995 there was an extensive re-ordering of the interior; the pews were replaced with comfortable chairs, underfloor heating was installed along with new lighting and a lounge was added in the entrance area. The present church is warm, welcoming and flexible. It incorporates a sound and video projection system and is used for a wide variety of activities.